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  • Member: Dragon/Roy
  • Studio: Darkness Studio's
  • Title: From Rivals to Friends
  • Premiered: 2006-06-20
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    • Nickelback Savin Me
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    *Anime Vegas Won Best Dramatic/Sentimental*
    *Runner-up Anime Evolution best Sentimental*
    *Phoenix Cactus Comicon 1st place*

    Well i wanted to make a Naruto Video since i havent made one in a long time.I had this song for awile and i was planning on making a video with this songs long time ago , but didnt know what anime to use. But later on it came to mind that this song goes along with Naruto and Sasuke. So i thought of the idea of how i should make it. Then i thought i should start it off with Naruto then go to Sasuke the after that combine both of them and just keep on going. Then i just started working on the video for a long time , then kept on editing parts i didnt like, then finnaly i finshed the video today on the last day of school ^_^

    **Lyrics **

    prison gates won't open up for me
    on these hands and knees i'm crawlin'
    oh, i reach for you
    well i'm terrified of these four walls
    these iron bars can't hold my soul in
    all i need is you
    come please i'm callin'
    and oh i scream for you
    hurry i'm fallin'

    show me what it's like
    to be the last one standing
    and teach me wrong from right
    and i'll show you what i can be
    say it for me
    say it to me
    and i'll leave this life behind me
    say it if it's worth saving me

    heaven's gates won't open up for me
    with these broken wings i'm fallin'
    and all i see is you
    these city walls ain't got no love for me
    i'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story
    and oh i scream for you
    come please i'm callin'
    and all i need from you
    hurry i'm fallin'


    hurry i'm fallin'

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