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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Bleach - Damnation and Destiny
  • Premiered: 2006-06-18
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    • Iced Earth Slave to the Dark
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    First of all, sorry for my english, I know it's not perfect, but sadly it's not my first language.
    During this year I had no time to edit.. And I was not really inspired to be honest, though, in the last months of school, even if I had already a planning for the "future" (The completition of the Darkness Over Light Saga), watching the Anime Bleach really inspired me, and hearing this song.. I saw the video appear in front of my eyes. This is the first time that I use this type of song, I have to admit that it's not been easy, before beginning to edit, I was really confused about how to start, especially because my objective was to not cut the music at all (Goal that I achieved). Anyway, I made it and I'm proud of the result. :)


    I think that this video will be different from the others, because I used a plot of a story that, for now, in Bleach is only on a secondary line.. I'm talking about the relationship about the protagonist, Ichigo, and his inner self, the Hollow inside him. I have anyway used this storyline to create a completely different view of this "Dark side" of Bleach,
    following the lyrics of this song, that I'll submit at the bottom of this comments. :)
    Special thanks must be submitted to Hinatasan and Sharingan no Lisa, members of this Studio. The first for have been the unique people able to make this possible, giving me all the original footage, and the second for her important work of Beta Tester.

    The video is really dark, obscure, there are not funny clips, it's filled with hate, angst
    and drama. Ichigo is the only protagonist (and the singer), and the "bad guy" is Zangetsu and his pet, Byakuga. (More info below) I worked on it for around two months, I hope you all will give a chance to it!

    Editing/Technical Info

    To create the right atmosphere for this video I used several effects, I even tried to modify our studio's animation for this occasion. Little distorions, dark colors.. I worked a lot on transitions and effects, to create the right feeling, some clips are filled with effects like channel invert, noise, movement of the screen (not to create chaos.. Not at all) and adjustements for the colors and brightness. Of course I used masks and in the video Ichigo is always present, being the singer and the protagonist of this story. Lip synch it's been also really important for the editing of this video. This is basically, in a little amount of words, what I tried to do in this project.

    Programs Used: Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro; Adobe Photoshop CS
    Compression: 512x384 Xvid 1st pass; 192kbps MP3 Audio

    -About Compression-

    To be honest, for the first time since I use AE for editing I had really a lot of problems to compress this video, I had to resize it a lot (for my standards) and I'm not completely satisfied, especially with some effects that lose some feeling with this low quality, there is a pixelation in the beginning that I tried to quit in every way, without be able to. Though, the quality is good, not DVD as the original source but still good. In my opinion, besides, I would have liked to see a better quality for such a large file. If I'll be able to create a better encode someday I'll surely replace this video, but don't be discouraged, this video is perfectly enjoyable even at full screen!

    Story (MUST READ please)

    The story that I developed in the video is (really) basically this one:
    Ichigo, as a normal man, asks, prey God to obtain power, to obtain strenght..
    Something that is immediately agreed by this "God", that gives a huge power to him.
    Damnation was the price.
    Ichigo become the slave of this Dark God, but with the same power that he obtained, is able to flee from this prison of darkess. God, besides, wants him back,
    and sends againts him all his "pets" (as you'll see).
    In the end, he decides to send fighting his most powerful soldier, the Archangel (since here we're talking of God) Byakuga. Ichigo is, anyway, filled with doubts, he have no idea of what to do, if become a slave of HIS darkness or not, but he'll never accept to be the puppet of Zangetsu. So basically, the video ends with the Archangel beated, and Ichigo that finally decides (or he must?) to actually become a slave of his darkness, a darkness that himself asked.

    I know that it can seems a really banal stroy, but don't be so sure of it. ;)
    Chronogically, we could explain the video in this way:

    0:00 - 1:00 -> Introduction to the video
    1:00 - 1:07 -> Ichigo flee from his prison using the power he obtained
    1:07 - 1:42 -> Ichigo begin to describe why he's at that point, telling all the story.
    1:42 - End -> From now on we're in the present, and the video follows the story that I wrote above, 'till the end. :)


    {0:00 - 1:00}
    A twisted state of mind, torn between two worlds
    One of which the new me hates and the one that's coming true
    The power is unleashed, they perish at my gaze
    But am I really in control or am I just a slave

    {1:00 - 1:07}

    {1:07 - 1:42}
    I called upon this god to deliver unto me
    To grant what I desire he brought me to my knees
    He turned his back on me and filled me with his lies
    Ask and I received damnation was the price
    I signed my name in blood, didn't read the fine print

    {1:42 - End}
    Now I'm just a puppet god for the devils own descent
    Bound and shackled here forever damned a slave
    Fallen bloody tears can't wash the pain away
    All at once it's clear to me
    Damnation and destiny
    A slave to darkness shall I be
    Damnation and destiny

    And so I must repent or will I be destroyed
    Will the one that lives in me release me from this lie
    And will the wrath of god have mercy on my soul
    Or humilate me, desecrate me, like his only son
    All at once it's clear to me
    Damnation and destiny
    A slave to darkness shall I be
    Damnation and destiny

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