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  • Member: Fyndra
  • Title: Just Play
  • Premiered: 2006-06-15
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    • Nox Csak játssz!
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  • Comments: Very first amv I made, though at that time I had only a shit, cut version of the series. Now I've got the whole Shaman King, and decided to remake this amv... Just because the concept seemed cool :)
    Please, don't criticize the subtitles.. I only have the subtitled version... Can't do anything about it..
    Took three afternoons and evenings to make, for I had the concept with the scenes and such, I only had to refine it, and to add some scenes that were cut in the American version.
    Song is in hungarian from the band Nox (they appeared on the eurovision Song Contest last year with 'Spin, World') -although an english version of the song exists, that differs so much from the original Hungarian version...and I preferred the original one. Translation of the lyrics (not a good one, my English still has to improve ^^' two lines of the chorus are from the official translation):

    Nox - Just Play
    You can see at a hideous day's autumn-lighted dusk
    Miracle - look, see!
    You can walk at the depths, on trails of evil forces -
    You're still alive, you can move!

    There's a return journey, just stay strong!
    For many "heroes" are prepairing against you!

    You're longing for tomorrow,
    Missing yesterday,
    the colours of today just seem so pair
    Waiting for better days,
    Standing in the wrong corner,
    You can still win the game: just play!
    Just play!

    You can stand in the fog, fighting a thousand battles -
    Yet you're afraid, you still stand!
    You can wait in the silence, bearing some other's song -
    You're still alive, you still wait!

    There's still hope, if your fire burns,
    For you've to survive everything for your dream!


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