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  • Member: Lord Rae
  • Studio: Phoenix AMV
  • Title: Fine Again
  • Premiered: 2002-10-21
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  • Song:
    • Seether Fine Again
  • Anime:
  • Comments: A 3x3 eyes video by me.

    This video marks my first effort in music video making that isn\'t part of Otaku Vengeance since that studio was created. I won\'t go into the details but there are no ill feelings between Eric and myself. I haven\'t even talked to him lately so I hope not. But if you were curious as to why the video features a burning OV then thats why...

    This video is my 26th video... I should show more technical prowess I guess but seeing as how untill very recently I wasn\'t focusing on editing to music. Just editing to lyric and only dealing with music when there were absolutely no lyrics to work with. So In a few ways I\'m very new at this. I think for that I \'ve done well and even retained my style of linking the lyrics intimately with the anime. I think my success at this in the past is the only reason I\'ve ever been given high ratings. Apparently at a certain point emotion overrides the urge to pick out the numerous flaws in my old videos. Hopefully that won\'t even be a concern in this video.

    This is also my first video using my new computer. Its also the first footage I\'ve captured using my Pinnacle DV 500+ dvd. I captured all footage at 720 x 480 in dv avi format. All footage was assembled in Premire 6. The exported project (DV avi again) was then encoded by TMpegEnc per many different guidlines. I was in the end only happy with the combination of file size and quality with the vcd codecs so thats what you\'ll be downloading.
    If anyone has the space and good connection let me know if your willing to host a higher quality mpeg1 or even maybe an mpeg 2 of this video.

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