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  • Members: niji tsuki, LORD_SAIYAN_MATTHEW, princess myu
  • Studio: Rose Studios
  • Title: BANNED! Things that are sure to get you banned from
  • Premiered: 2006-06-15
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    • benny hill Benny Hill theme music
    • chobits character songs Wild Fantasy - Motosuwa's Theme
    • Dragnet Main Theme
    • Excel Saga Opening Theme
    • Fushigi Yuugi Ending Theme - Tokimeki no Doukasen
    • King of the Hill Theme song
    • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Kirari Sailor Dream
    • Reliant K Pirates That Don't Do Anything
    • Solemar El Mambo
    • Strong Bad The Cheat Theme Song
    • The Price is Right Main Theme
    • Vanilla Ice Ninja Rap
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  • Comments: (Cue Dragnet Music)

    Yes, we're at it again! Making anything-but-serious videos!

    Are you new to the Org? Have an idea for a video? Have NO IDEA what to upload?!

    Well, we're here to tell you what NOT to upload! Here's 15 quick and easy tips to keep you safe on the information super highway that is

    If you're not new to the Org, then there will be some things you recognize - A very famous video makes a guest appearance (twice!) as well as a very famous user here on the Org (and I swear, she did it under her own free will).

    This video is the 5-day collaborative effort of all 3, count 'em, THREE video makers of Rose Studios - Niji Tsuki (moi), my sister Sailor Earth, und mi brother Lord Saiyan Matthew. It'll have you laughin' as always. What can I say? I'm a comedian.

    If you know your Strong Bad well, you'll be able to pick out quite a few bits and pieces of him here and there. He always manages to slip into our videos.

    Now for the moment of truth! Do your videos live up to the standards of Or will they prove to be destined for the Recycle Bin? Watch this video and find out!

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