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  • Member: BunofGovt
  • Title: Just a Great Ride Away
  • Premiered: 2006-06-15
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    • Bowling for soup Greatest Day
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  • Comments: Finished: 3/10/2006
    Started: Mid-February 2006; because of participation in the summer project MEP, decided to delay posting this on the org until now.

    Iíve wanted to make an amv to Greatest Day for nearly a year now, but I couldnít get motivated until Celibi87 announced the summer project MEP. I was only going to do a 30-40 sec clip but realized I wanted to a longer amv (well itís still a shortie at just under 2 minutes). Azumanga Daioh lends itself well to a variety of songs and audio so it was easy to find scenes for a short amv.

    Iím still new to Final Cut Pro and I thank my nephew for his assistance with the digital effects.

    For Yukariís bike ride:

    Ripped the episode using OSEx 0.0101b, then converted the vob file using DivxRay. Trimmed and saved the bike sequence, greenscreened the pedaling frames in Photoshop. Animated the frames in ImageReady and exported to Quicktime Movie.

    Imported into FCP. The three background scenes are from the Okinawa trip and the summer festival. They are actually three freeze frames.

    Created a new sequence to drop the pedaling animation into and copied it several times to match the duration of the background scenes. Dropped the sequence over the summer festival scenes and applied Chroma Key to remove the greenscreen.

    Yes, itís not very clean but it was good experience.

    Lip synching:

    Yes, I did attempt a lot of lip synching in this amv, up until just before the end at 1.38.

    I tire easily, wish I had the energy to make this longer, but if I didnít do it now short as it is, I would never have done it at all.

    Oh, and for those of you who have seen the Summer project MEP, youíll recognize my sequence AND youíll see that it is slightly different. I felt the 30-second clip had to be more self-contained rather than remove the lead-in to the next scene in my amv.

    Submitted to the amv contest at Fanime 2006.

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