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  • Member: savvy_style
  • Title: Memoryless
  • Premiered: 2006-04-18
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    • Nickelback Photograph
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    Best Technical Video at YaoiCon 2006

    This video was entered at Yaoi Con 2006. Unfortunately it was placed in the wrong category T_T (it was supposed to be drama, but they stuck it in romance...and my video has, like, almost zero romance in it). It got good applause, but I know it won't win best Romance >_> (some of the dramas were more romantic than my video even @_@). Still, I am glad everyone enjoyed it :D

    This is going to be entered into the AnimeExpo'06 AMV contest, in the AmTV category [if it makes it to the semi-finals and you like it better than other videos in its category, vote for me :D ]

    Now I've kept the boys love mostly out of it, mainly so people wouldn't be prejudiced against it at AX >_> , and actually it more promotes the main character with a girl so yay XD *you know how those people are, they see 2 guys together and think it's the most horrible thing they've ever seen *

    It only took 2 weeks to complete this video [a week of which was just spent on the timeline for how to make it]. It was done for an adobe after effects class final, so it's effect heavy, but I don't think overly so.

    Also, if you're paying attention this far into the description, you'll notice I spelled Nickelback wrong in my crediting on the video because I'm a dumbass XD [but source files were gone before I realised, and it's too much of a pain to go and fix~]

    Any and all effects in this video were created by me, I did not have the liberty of using pre-made wipes or transitions, it's all me baby >D

    So without further ado, please enjoy the video and tell me what you think! Hopefully you see it at AX and that's why you're here in the first place XD

    I'm also surprised nobody else has done a Loveless AMV to "Photograph", seeing as to how pictures were a big part of who Ritsuka was o_o, oh well, at least it meant I got to be the one to make it XD

    My favorite part of the video is 2:56-3:09 :3 tell me yours?

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