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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: What Ayato Has Found
  • Premiered: 2006-06-14
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    • Yellowcard Holly Wood Died
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  • Comments: Well, another AMV done, another posting. This is to the song "Holly Wood Died," by Yellowcard, a song which didn't have any other music videos for it when I last checked. It's a great song, but it took me a while to come up with a concept for an anime music video to it for a number of reasons... The first of which is that I'd originally planned to make this an AMV from Full Metal Alchemist, as a tribute to Roze. That did not get past the planning stage.

    There are a few reasons for this. The first is that there simply isn't enough of Roze in Full Metal Alchemist to make a tribute to her, especially to a song with a long instrumental period at the end. The second reason behind this decision can be found within the first few verses.

    "Accidents out on the highway to somewhere,
    They tell us about when we're young.
    Rescuers working to clean up the crashes
    Before she can see what they've done.

    Nobody told her she'd lose in the first round,
    The last fight was fixed from the start.
    Names on her sidewalks, they move through her body
    Like razors, they cut through her heart."

    This might be taking the lyrics far to literally, but I recall only two scenes involving cars from fullmetal alchemist, yet alone a highway full of them. And there are no sidewalks that I see Roze on either. It was after flicking through episode 19 of RahXephon, and RahXephon's motion picture, that I noticed that RahXephon had both a backed up high way and a side walk with writing on it. To top things off, there's also that scene where Ayato cuts his painting and slices the sky behind Reika.

    And so, RahXephon it was. Now, I am leaving on the 15th of this month for about a week and a half. At the time of this post, it is currently... 12:07 at night on the 15th, so I'm leaving later today. That aside, I finally got this AMV in motion of the 12th. Meaning I spent only a few days on it. However, of my time awake during those few days, I spent about as much time as I could working on this AMV, so it came out looking as if I spent much more time on it than I did. This pleases me.

    Through creating this, I met a number of problems. The first of which is the fact that my computer... hates me. It wishes me ill in every sense of the word. As such, it decided to contract a virus and limit my access to internet explorer, and eventually cut it off completely. I am writing this through the little pop-up window I get when I sign into AIM. Needless to say, with a virus, my computer slowed down considerably... I would remove the virus myself, but I am not nearly as computer savvy as I like to think I am. Either way, that made my video editing program slow down, which moves to the second major problem I had in making this AMV.

    I am using windows movie maker.

    This program was obviously not designed to handle anime music videos. As more clips were loaded into it, the more often the program would cease functioning completely. The ctrl-alt-del keys have become my best friends through making this anime music video. Around midway, I discovered that I had actually edited the video to the point that I could not save it as a normal video file, since it was just too much for windows movie maker to handle. This displeased me. I soon found that I could save the smaller, less edited back-ups I'd made in the course of making my AMV into the usual video format. I used these to lessen the load upon my windows movie maker, by saving them to video and then substituting the individual edited clips for the solid video. I just added the clips that weren't in the smaller files to it's back end.

    Overall, making this AMV has been, to me, an experience relative to the teachings of yin and yang, the idea that ligh cannot exist without darkness, for while this AMV was a tremendous pain in the ass, I managed to enjoy the creation process and am now very pleased with the end result.

    As such, I have one request of you, the viewer.

    Leave a review.

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