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  • Member: Dejana
  • Studio: Starlight Palace
  • Title: Avada Kedavra: v.2.0
  • Premiered: 2006-04-13
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    • Offspring Gone Away
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  • Comments: NOTE: I know new entries remastered versions of existing AMVs are not allowed, but this version of this video contains a lot of footage that was not in the original video. I asked in the forums and was told a new entry should be made for this.

    This is a revised version of my very first AMV, which I created back in late 2001. The original version contained a lot of fansub footage, and unfortunately it's taken me this long to collect the DVDs I needed to replace that footage. Thus, this revision is probably too little too late, but for my own peace of mind I had to do it. This version largely follows the pattern of the original, but all the footage has been captured from DVDs, and while the original version was very heavy on certain anime, this version is more balanced with much of the repetitive material replaced by new material from different anime. I used a capture card to capture the footage, so the quality isn't stellar, but it's definately above and beyond the original version and completely subs-free. For some reason I couldn't get the brightness right on X: The Movie, so those clips are a bit dark, but other than that it should be passable.

    Being that this is a revision of a 2001 video, it's not the fanciest AMV in the world. I made this during a period when I wasn't interested in fancy visual effects. My aim here was to match scenes to music for maximum emotional impact, nothing more, so those of you who like fancy videos will probably think this one rather plain. I've always liked this video, though, so I'm just happy I was finally able to give it the visual quality it deserves.

    This is a death video. Spoilers ahoy! It's angst from beginning to end, and focuses on the sorrow of the survivors, so be warned. And it's got a lame title, I know. Back in 2001 a certain fandom wasn't as mainstream as it is now, and I thought it made a cool and appropriate title. How we live and learn.

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