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  • Member: BigshotSpike
  • Studio: Industrial House of Light and Morons
  • Title: Let's so joy Sweet monster people!
  • Premiered: 2003-05-07
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    • hide Lemoned I Scream
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  • Comments: *completed 12/25/02*

    This video is, by far, the most disturbing and wrong thing I have ever done since I started making AMVs. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend (September) and I were watching Perfect Blue. After we finished watching Perfect Blue, we started watching my hide concert (from his Psyence A Go Go tour back in 1997). For some reason , when the lemoned I Scream performance came on, she sparked inspiration for me to make a video using that insane song of his. At first I was a little iffy about the idea, but then I listened to the song again and I knew she had something going in that idea. At first I was gonna use Boogiepop Phantom, but I changed my mind. Then I thought about using Blood: The Last Vampire...but I changed my mind on that as well. Finally, we both reached a conclusion on Perfect Blue.

    As funny as it is, Lemoned I Scream is a song I really hold dearly to me. This song is cheesy, weird, and just extremely poppy. At first I didn't like it, but after listening to his full album (Psyence), I realized that this song is meant to be cheesy, and while the lyrics (which are in English) absolutely make no sense, it still has that crazy hide-ness to it. After all, he was a nut and this song kinda brings that out, which may sound like a ball of cheese as well. According to hide, this song was meant to be a mockery of pop music as well as a mockery of how the lots of Japanese artists try to have English in their lyrics but fail to have it make any sense (basically *Engrish*).


    One day, I was walkin' down the streets
    Looking for anything, any surprise.
    Feel like a treasure game on a rainy day.
    Then it happened suddenly,
    I saw, I saw
    And there it was fallin' down under my feet
    Then, you know, it had something spiney head,
    And I was gonna touch it
    Then I got a pain,
    My fingers painted in blood, but I feel so fine.
    Nobdoy could find out,
    but I knew, I saw.
    I don' care. If nobody can love it, oh yeah
    Because Ah hahahaha
    I've got a feelin' in my hand
    It's a lemon lemon lemoned- I scream!
    Oneday I was walkin' down the street,
    Lookin' for the music, any surprise.
    Then it happened suddenly,
    I hear, I hear
    I don't care.
    Everybody so Hate it Hate it
    Because Ah hahahaha
    I've got a sweet poison cake, gonna be high
    Take me higher higher
    I've got a sweet creature song,
    It's a lemon, lemon, lemon & I scream
    I've got a sweet broken hearted machine
    but I like it, like it.
    Oh, what a sweet monster people,
    It's a lemon, lemon, lemoned I scream!

    Does those lyrics have anything to do with Perfect Blue? Nope. Does this video have a point? Probably not. That's why I made this video! *evil laugh* I wanted it to be an AMV that mocks AMVs, but it's sooo much more. You could say it mocks AMVs, but it also mocks Perfect Blue, dance videos. etc. etc. I'll let you all make your own conclusions once the video is up and running.

    Am I making any sense? I sure hope not ^_~

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