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  • Members: Tuplica, Mokujin
  • Studio: Screaming Insomniac Productions
  • Title: Retribution
  • Premiered: 2006-05-27
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    • Theatre of Tragedy Samantha
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  • Comments: Fanime 2006 Action Finalist

    Two important points:

    You'll only really enjoy this video if you're familiar with WHR beforehand. If you haven't watched the show, preferably in its entirety, you're not going to fully understand the plot alterations in this vid.

    Also, I have to give a bit of explanation as to the plot of this vid, as it's basically a sequel to a video I have not released nor completed at the time of this writing. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

    The basic concept is that after Robin leaves the STNJ post-attack, she stays away; Amon is accosted for having aided her in her escape, hunters of the STNJ are being hunted by witches, and both Solomon's & Zaizen's orbo-wielding soldiers. This is all reflected in the video as flashbacks, as well as some more interesting alterations. Robin's emotional ties apparently mean enough to her to return, and she returns to wreak havoc on those involved. The majority of this video has nothing to do with what happened in the series originally, so don't expect that. I'm not entirely sure it'll make as much sense as it should without the prequel being viewed, but my betas have given it the OK.

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