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  • Member: The Djinn
  • Title: Travelin' Soldier
  • Premiered: 1989-11-01
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    • Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier
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  • Comments: ----SECOND DVD SPOILERS------
    This is about ALMOST COMPLETELY the second disk, or episode 8. Since this is ULTRA EARLY ON, I'm not counting it as spoilers. If you don't know this back-story..... you've been warned.

    Equipment : Virtual Dub, Windows Movie Maker, AviSynth, DVDDecrypter, DVD2AVI, some random CD ripper, etc. wow. and my ultra-nice 100+ Gig drive, which has, possibly, 120 gigs used? Wow. Yeah, it's earned it's keep. (One third YYH, One third Furuba, One third etc.)

    Hours: Hell. HELL. Especially since i'm working with a MICROSOFT/WINDOWS PROGRAM. (They're one achievement: Microsoft Image Composer. Wow. I love it.)

    Anywho. Three weeks straight, for three, four hours a night, then coming back in and trying to remove the DivX logo after i found the "off" switch for it... "priceless".

    I love Hatori. I heard this song on the radio right after I watched his episode (tells you something about how long this has been in my head. when was the last time a Dixie Chicks song was played on normal radio in the south? eh? eh?) and it all started flowing. Luckily, this turned out better (was going to say on paper, but...) on film (yay!) than in my head.

    healthy support from Nej Kazuki and Hikaru Kosuzaku on this one. ^^^ they love it.

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