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  • Member: Kristyrat
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Crimson Memories
  • Premiered: 2006-06-11
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    • Crystal Method Born Too Slow
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    -- Best Technical - Youmacon 2k6
    -- Best Technical - AC^3 2006

    Hmm, where to begin. First of all, this video has definately evolved from the beginnings it had way back in January (damn, it's been that long). I'm not quite sure when it happened, but I essentially decided to totally change the direction of the video and try some new effects I'd been wanting to play around with. With that said, this isn't even an effects heavy video (at least, in the noticeable extent) so if you're looking for a Burst Angel Technique Beat, go bug Decoy. :O

    Basically, I discovered that rotoscoping is one of the most vile, cruel and evil techniques ever to be implemented by AMV editors. Proof is in the amount of time it took me to churn out this video. Now I'm sure Subey or Istiv would laugh at my pitiful 5 months, but hey, for someone who'd never scoped before, I'd say that was a pretty damn long time. It really was a struggle to pull though in this one (unfortunately) if only because of the tedium of rotoscoping. You can only be impressed by an effect you'd rotoscoped so many times.

    Anyway, time to get down to the nitty-gritty as it were, maybe I can explain a little of the idea behind this thing :P

    The Story
    Well, it's not quite a story (sorry Koop), but definately more of a theme. Initially, I just wanted to make a Burst Angel AMV, the series was decent, and it looked like fun to edit to. I ran through a crapton of music, then found a song that really seemed to suit the series. I started throwing random edits here and there, playing around with it, then a little style began to emerge. I forget who it was exactly who pushed me towards the path it took (first guess is probably Kisanzi, but he's always yelling at me for something), but the exchange was essentially 'This looked really cool, what if you did the entire video like this, Sin City style'. I figured, why not, and it pretty much took off from there.
    I'd like to say this is one of the best 'Sin City' style AMVs I've seen (bias anyone? :P) but just judging from the techniques other people used, mine was perhaps the most detailed? I dunno, don't want to pander my ego too much, I'm just trying to justify all the rotoscoping :P

    Anyway, the basic theme behind this video is the pain and struggle Jo (the main character) felt in her past, through various experiences in Bounty Hunting. Sure it's nothing new, but I thought it might be interesting to play off that theme a little differently.

    Honestly, that's really about it, the video more or less a lot of scenes cut together in a hopefully coherent order, with some pretty colour effects thrown in. What? I might as well be honest here :P

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HOW TO PLAY THIS DAMN VIDEO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (Stolen from Pwolf :O)

    How to play the video? If you have VLC player, you should be to play the video (if it wont play download the latest version and it should work fine). if you do not wish to get VLC, CCCP is probably a good bet to installing the necessary codecs too, if I get lots of complaints (which I probably will) I'll come up with more detailed instructions

    The Thanks
    Obviously, massive thanks to my beta testers, Niotex, Decoy, Fall_Child42, Koop especially for the little tweaks he suggested that did make things look cooler.

    Kisanzi for never getting off my case about this video, here you go ya jerk, a full-length video. >:O

    Miss Aqua for her betaing, as well as pointing me in the right direction for a title. ;-*

    And of course, Ileia for her excellent previews and the most wonderful times speculating what a Jo-Maria-Meg love triangle would be like, less-than-three :3

    And anybody else along the way who I forced to submit to my whining either on Skype or IRC as I delved into the horrid world that is rotoscoping.

    That's it for me, I really don't know what you're still doing reading this, go watch! Now!


    Alrighty, local is HQ x264, Direct is lower quality (not to mention shit huge) XviD. I suggest you only get the XviD if you can't play the x264. :]

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