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  • Member: JessyChan
  • Studio: JessyChan productions
  • Title: Here With Me [a insight to Kairi's heart]
  • Premiered: 2006-06-11
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    • Dido Here With Me
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  • Comments: Kairi amv I made. I always hear this song, and I always think, "Kairi never really expressed how she felt during the time she missed Sora" I mean think about it! He was gone for a good year without seeing the girl, (not that neither of them could help it. : ) and you always see clips in the intro/outro's of KH that she's always on the edge of Destiney Islands, as if longing for her friends... one of them of course being Sora.
    But, I worked really hard, and using the fact that I have someone I haven't seen (and love) for over half a year, I had abit of an idea of what it might feel like. I really hope you guys enjoy it, it's for the fans. I put alot of work into this, and I think it'll be my most memorable amv, I hope...
    Please comment/tell me what you thought!

    Kairi x Sora forever!

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