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  • Member: rei.andrea
  • Studio: ZZ Productions
  • Title: Sailor Moon - Tallulah
  • Premiered: 2006-06-02
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  • Song:
    • Sonata Arctica Tallulah
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  • Comments: With this video I have tried to tell the love history between Usagi(Sailor Moon/Serenity) and Mamoru(Tuxedo Kamen/Endymion).
    This song is truly beautiful but little known; a perfect mix between flat, drums and guitars.
    I have tried to follow the song to level of lyrics and music in order creating the several scenes.
    The footage came from *R2 JAP DVD* that they have a superb quality confronted all other.
    I use a footage from all 5 Series (also "Stars" recently release) and 3 Movie.
    I spent many effort on it, 3/4 mounth of work, but I'm satisfied about final result :-)
    Thanks to all that have contributed for the realization of this video.
    Enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated.

    After Effects
    Particle Illusion

    Some Comments
    - This video just made my day....And it gave me hope to know that some editors out there do actually know how to use effects in drama videos. Thank you for making this, it's simply gorgeous. - (Sierra Lorna)

    - Definitely one of the best Sailor Moon vids I've ever seen. Great scene selections, not to mention awesome quality and editing. Even though it was a long video, you kept it interesting right to the end. Both emotionally and technically, it was very well made. I really enjoyed it. 5/5 - (silver_moon)

    - Lots of awesome and pretty XD - (~JaddziaDax)

    - Very very nice SM vid! One of my faves thus far in my time on the org! - (~jub)

    - Great video, haven't seen a Sailor Moon video quite like it before. Very cool :D - (Reigna)

    - Absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed it! 5/5 - (SenshiMamoru)

    - Touching..........

    - Unexplainably amazing

    Local version: 512x384 XivD/Mp3/avi
    Direct link version: 640x480 H.264/AAC/mp4 (more resolution and brilliant color) :-)

    NEW Direct Link : I add a link for "4K AI Remastered"

    I remastered my old AMV to 4K UHD using AI (artificial intelligence upscale)
    I using the software "Topaz Video Enhance AI":
    - 400% upscale
    - Preset: Gaia-CG

    the result is quite impressive for this recent technology.

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