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  • Member: FraChan
  • Title: Hide and Seek ( Kakurenbo Trailer)
  • Premiered: 2006-06-09
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Tightwire Orchestral (Edited)
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    Runner up for Best of Show - A-Kon17 Amateur Contest

    I Ďve heard about Kakurenbo thanks to a review in a website;
    A lot of people talked very well about it, and the plot was interesting, it talked about a group of kids playing Hide and Seek with the demons in a dark town, so I thought ďWow, that must be a great horror anime!Ē When I was able to get my hands to it, I was really excited and before watching it I had to wait the night to make the right ďatmosphereĒ to watch it.
    Well, it was a great disappointment. Itís an experiment with 3D graphic, and it wasnít scary at all, it was only 20 minutes long, I hadnít even the time to get involved into the plot that it was already finished.
    I made this trailer, that I think itís scarier than the anime itself, hoping to interest you to the anime, to make you think ďwow, this anime is coolĒ and then get disappointed like me when you watch it. :P
    Itís my third trailer (Iíve made a FMA trailer, thatís listed only on You Tube) and like all my trailers , Iíve made the same mistake of spoiling the story too much; a lot of people already told me that the purpose of a trailer is to introduce a anime and not to tell the whole storyÖbut this time Iím justified, sort of. The anime is no longer than 20 minutes and itís really hard to find interesting clips without giving away too much.
    Anyway I havenít listed it as spoiler, since I donít think youíll understand whatís happening if you havenít seen the anime before.
    The music I used is Immediate Music - Tightwire Orchestral, I downloaded the song with the name of ďLa Busqueada(Music Trailer)Ē, but at the end I just realized it was a longer version of it.
    I made some edits to the song here and there, If you know the original version you'll probably notice them.
    The title isnít so original, I know. The are already 3-4 music videos using the same anime and having the same title as mine. Kakurenbo is the Japanese for the kidís game ďHide and SeekĒ, I like how it sounds and I wasnít able to find a better title, so I sent this video to A-Kon with this title.

    The creation of this trailer dates back to April, Iím releasing it just now because itís the date where it premiers to A-Kon, and also because the same day of the previous year I released my first trailer. Letís say that itís a particular day. (Other than the fact that itís my birthday :P)

    I hope youíll enjoy it!

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