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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: E-Rotic Ecchi: Forever
  • Premiered: 2006-06-07
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    • Bust-A-Groove Kitty-N's Stage
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  • Comments: The Saga Is Now Complete!

    This is the last AMV of the E-rotic Ecchi series and by far the dirtiest, most smut-filled, fanserviced AMV you can possibly imagine......just kidding!

    After watching the last three a few months ago I came to the conclusion that because I didn't really want to make the previous two(they were requests) they ended up deviating from the original purpose of the first E-rotic Ecchi. The original purpose was to take fanservice animes and turn them into a goofy dance-mix that had you laughing the whole time, especially in the case of E3...not so much laughing as it's just....smut lol.

    "But Aria!" You exclaim, "The title is called "E-rotic Ecchi" this one sucks because where's mah smex!?!"

    Allow me to answer WHY it's called E-rotic Ecchi...

    Has nothing to do with the actual word erotic, otherwise I would have spelt it that way(I dooo know how to spell ^.^). It came from the source of the music for the previous three EE's, which is DJ E-rotic. So the AMVs by nature don't HAVE to be erotic, in the case of EE2, and E3 they turned out that way, which is fine, but it's not required.

    First and foremost I chose the word Ecchi to follow up E-rotic because it rolls off the tongue. Two short words that both start with the same letter, it makes for a catchy title. Secondly, I picked ecchi because every anime source I've used for the series was in the Ecchi category(though some where Hentai as well). But just because the anime is Ecchi doesn't mean I'm obligated to SHOW ecchi.

    Anyways I hope you enjoy, for once I actually enjoyed making one of the E-rotic Ecchi AMVs and I like the outcome.

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