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  • Member: Mel_chan8
  • Title: Something to live for( Hiei x Makuro )
  • Premiered: 2006-06-02
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    • Nick Lachey what's left of me
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  • Comments: This video is 15% Hiei charicter profile, 5% Makuro profile and 80% romance. I know a lot of people will boo this one because they hate Makuro but I thought I'd put it up for people like me who like the couple. The idea is Hiei has been through so much in his life that there isn't much left of him mentally and he's asking Makuro to put him back together again which she does in their last battle and gives Hiei something to live for.^_^ Also my friend Heather says the stuff with Hiei and Kurama looks Yaoi-ish which it was not intended that way but hey whatever makes you happy...

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