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  • Member: Hitori
  • Studio: Hitori Studios
  • Title: My Sweetness
  • Premiered: 2003-01-31
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    • Archies Sugar Sugar (Candy Girl)
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  • Comments: This video was inspired by a very good video I saw called Liquid Petals by MexicanJunior! It was truly a great video! I was planning on doing a Steel Angel Kurumi video that had to be something different. A lot of thought was put into this video idea. Example: What song to be used and scene selection? Just never really had the time to actually sit down and work on the video.... ( Curse me and my free opinion exchange... ^_^ )

    Then the night of Monday, October 21st, 2002... My cable connection goes down.. I was like.. The heck!? O_o Then it hit me..... BAM!! I should start this video now! So I go and get my source footage from the DVD's I have... Not really a long process... Then I open up Premiere and start a new project and edit away! It was about midnight where I kinda hit a road block.. Editor's Block(something like Writer's Block)... Maybe I should sleep on it.. So I did.. Getting up the next morning.. Jumped right onto my computer and edit away! This part of the song needs a clip like this.. Yes, there it is!! This went on for most of the day... Wow.. The video is almost completed!! O_O And still.. nothing with my cable... >_< Edit away... Sleep.. Wednesday comes around.. Cable connection gets some kind of look over.. Still not working.. So I edit some more... Edit edit.. Edit edit.. Now it's 3 am Thursday.. O_O Where did my life go!? The video is almost completed now!! Oh well, I'll go get some sleep and get right back up and finish this beast!! I get up and the door bell rings.. It's the cable repair guy.. He checks the lines over again and goes to see what needs to be done with the line. Checks everything and find out a line needed to be replaced.. >_< Then the cable gets back up and I'm online.. Only for a little bit.. and goes off.. ggggrrr... So I finish the video and was like.. " Wow!! O_O MJ would be proud of this video!! " I do a Huffy export and looks good. Then I convert it to an mpg.. Looking good.. Looking good.. Then a sound problem.. O_O The heck!? Man, the original sound file wasn't like that and the Huffy export didn't have the problem either.. Maybe some sort of glitch somewhere while converting it into an mpg file.. All the video needs now is a finished Studio/credit intro and fixing that audio glitch...

    This video has some spoilers in the video but nothing too detrimental to the anime as it doesn't show any of the scenes that are really important in a story sort of way... Another thing in the video(like Liquid Petals) is that it has some Girl-Girl "action" scenes. ^_^ Girl kissing girl stuff... Nothing too "out there" that I think is out there.. And a scene near the end where there is some partial nudity that is barely visible but implied in a way... You'll see.

    Originality - The song hasn't been listed in the database.
    Unoriginality - Was inspired by Liquid Petals.
    Capture/Output Quality - DVD Footage.
    Sound Quality - Hard to find a high quality song file.
    Action / Editing Sync - Nothing much on action, more on editing sync than anything else.
    Lip Sync - Yes, there is some lip syncing. Works very well in the areas they were used in.
    Digital Effects - Some of the typical effects, overlays, and a nice zoom out effect at the beginning.
    Effort - Even though I started and finished the video in a few days.... I put a lot of time into it and it shows!
    Overall - BAM!! Check this video out! Very catchy music and catchy anime!
    Re-viewable - I basically have it on repeat for watching the video and listening to the song.

    This video will be sent to a few cons in 2003. Go check it out!
    It took a span of a few days to get a beta version completed. Then it took a span of three months to get a final done...

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