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  • Member: x_rex30
  • Title: Corrosive
  • Premiered: 2006-06-02
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  • Song:
    • Static X Push It
  • Anime:
  • Comments: An Asuka Action AMV(AKA AAAA)

    This video uses Region 2 remastered versions of "Death & Rebirth" and "End of Evangelion".. it also uses the remastered footage from the series found on the Platinum Edition DVDs... so I hope you like the quality.

    Software Used:
    DVD Decrypter v.3.5.4
    DGIndex 1.4.0
    AviSynth 2.5
    Vfapi v.1.05
    Vegas 6.0c
    VirtualDub 1.6.9
    Lagarith 1.3.8
    XviD 1.0.3

    tainted by my sin
    i'm spilling blood
    and i can hardly contain it
    hallowing the hand
    stiffened i eat away
    eat into the surface

    yeah you push it

    more violent more violent
    all consuming throbbing
    strait to the circle
    move on reaction
    i slow it down i slow it
    down, down, down, down

    yeah, you push it

    i see it. i need it
    i see it. i need it

    my mind is corrosive
    i trip on corrosive
    i freak
    see through me
    my eyes are explosive
    i feed on it
    black out
    crucify me

    yeah, you push it[/end]

    Some technical info: While I was editing I used AVS scripts in Vegas 6.0 using VFAPI and the avs scripts only had fps adjustments, deinterlacing methods where they were needed(didn't need to worry about this with the "End of Evangelion" and the "Death & Rebirth" footage because it was already progressive) after I was done editing the video.. all I did was simply change the script to a more advanced script with more advanced script settings that cleans up the footage witch would of slowed down the video playback if I put them in before I edited.. then I made another fake avi of the AVS scripts with VFAPI, loaded up my project again and then exported. I recommend editing this way because it takes less space to edit the VOB directly than to make a lossless compression of the anime with codecs like Huffuv/Lagarith because it will get 10x as big than the VOB files and if you decided to edit with lossless compressed video, the playback will be a lot slower than if you just used the VOBs directly. There is even programs out there that let you split vob files without any quality loss like Chopper XP.. so if you just want to take small clips from an anime and don't want a massively large lossless Huffuv/Lagarith file to edit with.. just chop all the scenes you want with the vob splitter and then make a project file of all the vob files with DGIndex, make an avs scipt with AviSynth and then just throw the avs file in your video editing program(if your video editing program does not support avs scripts, use VFAPI to make a fake avi file out of the avs file.) Hope this info helps a bit!

    If you could leave an op.. that would be very nice! :) So please tell me how I did, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks :wink:

    Edit: I had a slightly off synch DVD version uploaded before, just replaced that with a fixed version so If you downloaded the one before 6/6/06, you might want to download the new fixed version.

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