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  • Member: Spike_spiegel46
  • Title: Lifting a hero
  • Premiered: 2006-06-01
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    • shannon noll Lift
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  • Comments: Ok well first of all i've gotta say thanks to VicBond007 for his guide to working with dvd footage (it helped alot with the size and quality of this vid).
    Now that's out of the way i'm going to explain a bit about this video and the reasoning behind it.

    At first i had planned to use vandread with this song even though alot of different anime's would've worked quite well with it.

    In advent children cloud basically feels like he's of no use to anyone and that everyone would be better off without him, well that's my understanding of it anyways.So suffice it to say that this song fit's quite well because the song basically means "your stronger then you think and you can win" that's why i think it works well because in the AMV everyone is supposed to be encouraging cloud.

    I think that's all i had to say so please enjoy ^^.

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