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  • Member: Kumaguro
  • Title: Looking For Love And A New Witch Doctor
  • Premiered: 2006-05-26
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    • DDRMax Witch Doctor
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  • Comments: Okay, okay, this is the video I've kept a secret from the internet until Anime North 2006! I completed it in the 2nd week of March. It took me roughly 75 hours so it's definitely my most time consuming project to date. I never hit a snag with this video and I had so many directions I could have gone with the story and which characters I could have chosen for the 3 main roles.

    In the video, there are no credits for the voice of the Nyan-Nyans. That's because it was me. (Don't worry, I don't actually talk like that.) It was a little difficult and not perfect but I liked the end result enough not to go back on it. ^_^

    This video didn't even make it to the finalists for the AN2K6 contest and I had considered Tim Park's advice on sending it to other cons and so I shall! Anyway, I got a GREAT reaction for this video in the "non-finalist" showing the next morning, followed by the 2 girls sitting in front of me saying "that was awesome." I think it's a little unfortunate that I was the one to get applause but I'm glad I did!

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