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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: Beyond Blue Horizons
  • Premiered: 2006-05-31
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    • 38th Parallel Horizon
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  • Comments: A Suikoden vid for Suikoden fans!

    Spoilers: I was able to rip footage from the Suikoden 4 and 5 DvDs, so the amv contains MASSIVE spoilers for these two games, as opposed to Suikoden 2, 3 and the gaidens.

    Theme: This video is a tribute to the Suikoden series, which, IMHO, is the greatest RPG series created EVER. The video is simply an arrangement of clips from the different games in an attempt to give the viewer an idea of what the Suikoden is all about in a way. Of course, there's plenty of Suikoden 5 clips in the amv, because it was the game with the most cutscenes, and I'm insanely in love with it *__*;;

    Song: You have no idea how tedious finding a song to this vid was. It was almost harder than putting the amv together! I needed something that was kinda mellow but still supported action and fast-paced clips. At first I was leaning towards J-Pop, but then I thought that having English lyrics would give a deeper feel especially since my theme was to showcase the games. My first choice was Hillary Duff's "Fly", but it was too hard to edit to, so I looked through my collection (yet again) and found 38th Parallel's Horizon and went for it.

    Effects: In terms of effects and spiffy stuff, nothing major here. I focused more on lyrical synch than effects, but added a few things nonetheless.This is also my first attempt to use After Effects. I didn't do anything spectacular, but I was able to accomplish a few things I had in mind, so I feel kinda proud of myself. Yup. =)

    Time: Five days.

    Tools: Ulead Video Studio 9, Adobe After Effects 7, PhotoDraw, Virtual Dub, Avi Synth.

    That being said, please enjoy and feel the love that is Suikoden =D (and tell me what you think in the process ;) )

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