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  • Studio: Aimaime creations
  • Title: This aint no ordinary sunday drive
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    • Red Hot Chili Peppers Mellowship Slinky in B Major
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  • Comments: This was a real quick video that I did in about 45 minutes (no really, first 4 innings of Game 1 2002 World Series), not including time to rip and perfect. So I can tell you that without a doubt that 45 minutes was just the planning and initial putting together parts cuz I didn't even rip this footage for this video, I didn't even get this idea till about 5 minutes b4 game time!!

    there's no real Lip sync in this just a bunch of moments that were just plain luck... but nothing consistant so I didn't give you the option of grading me down on that ;-p. And the DFX are non-existant so that choice is easy.

    Don't think that just cuz I didn't spend much time editing this peice it isn't worth it, I provide a small d/l (widescreen MPEG VCD compliant) as a preview than if you LIKE you can d/l the full (anamorphic) version (DivX, 23.976fps)... see not all bad! (not sure when I'll have all this stuff ready but hey!)

    So basically just sit back, have a bud, enjoy the vid... it is that kind of vid, a real no-brainer... song is as intuitive as an eminem beat -_- and so on...

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