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  • Member: snoopoony
  • Title: Priest Seth & Kisara, Seto & Anzu
  • Premiered: 2006-05-26
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    • Spice Girls Viva Forever
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  • Comments: This one was SO hard to do but I SO had to do it anyway ! :-)

    The video is about Priest Seth and Kisara love, and about how Anzu might just be the one to save Seto back in our time. I used Viva Forever by Spice Girl because I just love that song and I think it fits the story quite well.

    There are a few transitions that I need to correct, so please don't be too hard on me. Remember that I'm using that old archaic form of movie maker that is Windows Movie Maker !!!!
    The song is difficult, I lacked clips of Anzu and Seto together (if anyone has any, don't hesitate to contact me) but I hope the vid still goes on quite fluently.

    The first part of the clips are linked on a quick pace, but then it slows down as the song goes on.

    The quote at the beginning of the video is not from me (the three wallpapers are) and I don't remember from where it comes from, anyway, I credit his or her owner for that beautiful sentence.

    I hope you'll enjoy the video ! No flames please, but constructive criticism is always welcomed!!

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