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  • Member: MaachaQ
  • Studio: Animosity
  • Title: The Six Million Dollar... Car?
  • Premiered: 2000-05-12
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    • None Six Millionr Dollar Man theme
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  • Comments: I created this in about two weeks using Adobe Premiere and an ATI All-in-Wonder Video card. The video quality isn't that great due to my SVHS VCR crapping out on me, but I plan to re-capture the footage and re-compress the video sometime later to make it look better.

    The idea for this video came to me while at Animazement '00. I had just recieved my copy of the movie on DVD in time for Ikuhara and Saito's appearance there, and some friends on the Utena list all got together to watch it in one of our rooms (we did it both nights ^^;). On the second night, we watched it (unsubtitled, of course) with people who'd never seen Utena before. They had a running commentary kind of like MST3K going on, and some chance comments during the car wash scene brought the idea to me. I swore Patrick, a fellow AMV creator, to secrecy about my idea, and I ran home to make it. ^_^;

    I only entered it in one contest so far, and it was the contest I run; Anime Central. I refrained from voting on my own video, but the other judges awarded me the Best Staff Video prize for it. I plan to send it to some other contests in '01, but not until after I play around with it a bit...

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