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  • Member: SarahtheBoring
  • Title: The Prince and the Kappa
  • Premiered: 2006-05-24
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    • Moxy Fruvous King of Spain
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  • Comments: Edit: TP&TK made it into the finals at Tekkoshocon 2007 under Comedy and wound up with two judges' awards: "Best Execution of Video" [Concept?] and "Best of Show." It was a really great slate of videos, and the con was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone at the con. I'll see you next year! ^_^

    Summary: Touga and Gojyo are the Prince and the Pauper. Or, When Red-Haired Womanizing Bishounen Collide. ...No, not that way.

    This is a really silly, really dorky idea that has been lurking in the back of my head for a long time. It's not a crossover in the AMV sense so much as a multi-anime video with only two series in it. Oddly enough, Touga and Gojyo aren't even my favorites in their respective series... but they're fun to work with.

    This video took an unnaturally long time to finish, but it was always fun to work on. Except right at the end when the exporting got weird. But it was still fun to watch. One technical note - the color in most of the Saiyuki clips is altered so that, well, Gojyo's hair is red instead of magenta, so the concept can work. Or try to work.

    And there's only one yaoi-related joke, so you can all bite me. ;)

    Okay, a quick intro!

    THE PRINCE - Kiryuu Touga, Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Big Man on Campus throughout the first two-thirds of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Student Council President, extremely popular, stinking rich, has a younger sister who worships him. Seems to have slept with most of the girls in Ohtori Academy. Thinks he's Utena's Prince Charming. He's not. But that's another story.

    The blonde girl cast as "Queen Lisa" is said sister, Nanami. Which is Deeply Wrong, but also pretty apt.

    THE PAUPER - Sha Gojyo, Saiyuki
    One-fourth of the Sanzo Party, the central cast of Saiyuki. Half-human and half-youkai (demon in the non-evil sense). Gambles for a living; loves women, beer, cigarettes and annoying his fellow travelers. Spends many of the pit stops on their journey picking up chicks, or at least talking about it. He is loosely based on a character in the original Journey to the West who was a kappa, which is referred to here and there in the series.

    The ^_^-faced guy who gets many of the call-and-response lines is Cho Hakkai, Gojyo's best friend. Hakkai is polite to everyone, even while kicking their asses.

    Most of the "special effects" in this video are image edits, for lipsync or lipflap control. In the end about a quarter of the video was edited as image sequences, which is more than I've ever done. Tedious, but effective. There's also the color alteration, which was done through transparency, laying each clip down twice and applying Non-Red transparency to one of them. So in short, a lot of work was done; it just wasn't very flashy work.

    I am very grateful for all the help I got while wrestling this beast. It was a long project, and I had a lot of encouragement and advice along the way. A long time ago someone told me that mentioning people by name for a video that wasn't all that good is embarrassing, so I don't want to do that, but y'all know who you are, you are awesome, and I thank you. :)


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