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  • Member: mckeed
  • Studio: Dark Side Productions
  • Title: When I See Belldandy Smile
  • Premiered: 2006-08-03
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  • Song:
    • Bad English When I See You Smile
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  • Comments: I wanted to get back to more serious videos. I had put out a bunch of Comedy/Parody videos but felt like I needed to say something substantial with my AMV's. This an attempt to go back and do just that, I have allways liked Ah! My Goddess and have done a few AMV's to the OVA series.

    Then I saw the TV series. I finished this series sometime before last Otakon. While at Otakon I decided that I would make a Drama video for the contest. I also made a declaration that I would I would try to win the Drama Category. Otakon has escaped me so far as far as an award goes. I have submitted things to it in the past, but nothing that I really felt could win something. I set this lofty goal to motivate myself to try as hard as I could and not give up. Weather or not I even qualify for the contest this year, I tried my best and will be happy with how this video came out.

    There were times that I almost did scrap this video. I had some trouble actually finding what I needed footage wise and certain sections just were not comming togeather. My editing style was all out of whack due to so much comedy editing with straight cuts, it was really hard to go back to using crossfades. I have to thank Kalium for helping me through these times with some pretty tough and honest feedback on the video. Much of the final tweaking are a direct result of him forcing me to go back and make it better. I spend about 6 months on and off on this video(damn real world getting in the way).

    I heard this song on the radio. It is where the majority of my song choices come from. I really felt that this song really captured the relationship between Belldandy and Keichi. They both fight to become better and can overcome all obstacles becasue they have each others support. The TV series to me can be summed up that easily. Both of their characters get to where they are because they want to better themselves. I tried to capture that the best I could in this video. I think I accomplished my goal. Hopefully the video comes accross as intended even if you haven't seen the TV series.

    I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

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