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  • Member: StrangeAsAngels
  • Studio: Miso Studios
  • Title: 69 Bakuretsu
  • Premiered: 2006-05-20
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  • Song:
    • L.E.D. Light featuring Sana Overblast!! (from DDR Max 2)
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  • Comments: So this is my second video and this time, no sentiment. A departure from my first one , it was made solely to be a fun, actiony AMV. I used the DDR track "Overblast!!" because it's just catchy and I've always liked it plus was a lot of fun to edit to. I actually didn't realise until I sat down to work on it how short the song is.... only 69 seconds to be exact. I didn't have a clue what to call it until I was nearly through with it but then I thought about the fact that the song was so short, yet I had managed to fit a pretty decent number of anime in (20 in fact), and of the anime selected most of them featured either gunshots, explosions, flashes of magic or other similiar actions. Since the song's title featured the word "blast" I figured why not title it something to fit that theme... hence the name "69 Bakuretsu" - literally translated: 69 Burst or 69 Explosion. And of course I couldn't resist the suggestive message at the beginning.. ~_^

    Though fairly random in it's scene progression, I did attempt to edit certain scenes to look like they lead into one another. For instance:

    00:26 - 00:30 gun sequence (Black Cat/Monster)
    01:14 - 01:16 eye close ups (Monster/Speed Grapher)

    ...not the only ones, but these were the most obvious

    The explosions at the end from Gunbuster 2 were a little difficult to time. I tinkered around with it more than a few times even after I thought I was through and had shown this at my anime club. I revised it and showed it again this weekend and I'm happier with it now. If I learned anything from my last project, it was not to scrap the project files just because you think you're done and have exported your video.

    My only regret is that I wish this song was longer. I could have made this video 3 times as long easily and would have enjoyed doing so! I had hoped that I could find an extended mix version of this song as so often one can with dance tracks but I was unable to locate it, if indeed such a version exists.. but I went ahead since I liked the pace of the song.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.. Opinions and comments are appreciated.

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