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  • Member: omegaevolution
  • Studio: ΩOMEGA EditionsΩ
  • Title: Dawn of Victory
  • Premiered: 2006-05-20
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    • Rhapsody Dawn of Victory
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  • Comments: ok, my sixth AMV on the block ^^, this one took me a lot to complete, I used WMM so as you may know it freezed a lot of times ŽŽ. Anyway, this time the AMV is cropped and watermarked (thanks to Xhunter 17 ^^). Oh, the AMV is suposse to structure the EXE, Axess, Stream seasons of the anime and the movie in the end. Iīm entering this AMV to a Rockman AMV contest ^^. The AMV divides in 4 parts:

    EXE part 1: from 0:04-1:10, this part shows the rivalry of Blues/Protoman (the red guy with the sword) and Megaman/Rockman (the blue bomber lol), their epic battle, some of the fights that megaman has and how they defeat the first "BOSS", if you could say that, Pharaohman.

    EXE part 2: from 1:10-2:13, after defeating pharaohman, megaman has to fight stoneman and bomberman, there he discover that he can do "style change" (when he change the color of his armor and some other things), later he fights against the net mafia Gospel, they are th navis that megaman fights here, also I introduced Forte/Bass (the mysterious guy) and Gospel itself (the big doggy beast), Forte and Gospel fight and Gospel wins in the end (but Forte donīt die, he is invinceble), then rockman appears with the bug style and kicks Gospel is butt ^^.

    Axess part: from 2:13-2:48, the shortest part of the video, here a new bad guy appear, his name is Shademan (the vampire-looking guy), but he didnīt fight in this part, here I introduced the "Cross fusion", when Netto/Lan (megaman is operator) and megaman fuse themselves to fight, also I show the "soul unisions", megaman copy the soul of their friends navi and transform in a new powerfull navi (you could say that ^^), here the final boss is Laserman (the great navi in the end of the part), megaman and netto defeats him with the power of the cross fusion.

    Stream and Movie part: 2:48-4:16, ok here shademan comes back and bites megaman in the neck (like a vampire), later megaman turns evil and a new bad guy appear dark rockman, they fight and megaman wins but dark rockman is killed by Slur (the white girl navi), then megaman, protoman and some others fight against Slur but they are defeated, in that moment appears Bass and fight against Slur, Bass win the battle and the he start to fight againts megaman. Colonel (the black navi with a yellow sword), comes to help rockman, after that fight Regal (another bad guy), fuse himself with Nebula Grey (the last boss in the AMV, he looks like a lion), here megaman and bass make a fusion to form "rockman cross forte", with that power they defeat Nebula Grey ones and for all with a great Victory.

    Lyrics: Dawn of Victory - Rhapsody

    Fire is raging on the battlefield
    while Arwald is fighting the war of the kings
    The army of Dargor, the thunder, the storm...
    so people are calling the brave and his sword
    No time left to save the wise throne!

    Shades of a past not so far to forget...
    the rise of the demons from their bloody hell!
    So come mighty warrior to light the lost hope
    for Tharos the dragon and your cosmic soul...
    Now handle your emerald sword!

    For Ancelot
    the ancient cross of war
    for the holy town of gods
    Gloria, gloria perpetua
    in this dawn of victory

    The ride of the dead and their practice of pain
    is pounding in him as a terrific quake
    You're closer and closer now follow their smell
    with your holy armour the steel in your hand
    Fly angel of bloody revenge!

    For Ancelot
    the ancient cross of war
    for the holy town of gods
    Gloria, gloria perpetua
    in this dawn of victory

    (instrumental, my fav part of the song XP)

    Tragic and furious the clash of the steel of the gods
    and so magic the power, the sword in his valorous hands
    Oceans of fire are blasting the throne of the demons
    and from distant red skies the thunders are calling his name
    the name of the master of pain!

    For Ancelot
    the ancient cross of war
    for the holy town of gods
    Gloria, gloria perpetua
    in this dawn of victory

    Enjoy it ^^, and comments are apreciated too ^^

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