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  • Member: chambeyc
  • Title: Deep Blue World
  • Premiered: 2006-05-20
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    • kai tracid Deep blue
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  • Comments: Hi folks,

    This is the video i made for the 2006 Japan Expo contest.
    Edit: final rank is 11th.

    How this video was born:
    I decided to use scrapped princess and to retrace its storyline from the beginning, the idea of using techno music come right after that: well, using this kind of music for heroic fantasy footage is definitively original, eh?
    As it contains a storyline, i choose to make few and soft effects during most of the video, and also insert texts. This last point may looks like a bad idea, still i got positive feedbacks about this.

    Yet the story may be hard to understand to someone who have not seen Scrapped Princess. So i'll try to sum up how the story is organized in the vid:
    0.00->0.25 - All began by a small introduction of the world, which looks like a basic heroic-fantasy one.
    0.25->1.03 - This part reveals that technology is in fact omnipresent in this world. Even the "magic symbols" reminds geometric forms of electronic circuits. Action shows that the group with Pacifica is constantly attacked.
    1.03->1.19 - Pacifica was the target: she's now wandering why she's being chased this way, and that the world has gone crazy ...
    1.19->1.31 - She is alone when she heard a voice , and see a woman appearing in front of her eyes, staring at her and then disppearing as fast as she comes ...
    1.31->2.00 - But the chase continue ... and her life is permanently in danger. She seeks for protection, and feel relieved to meet with her twin brother. Sadly noone though that he would killed her...
    2.00->2.27 - Shannon goes Berserk: the battle will end by the death of the enemy ...
    2.27->3.08 - Pacifica heard the woman voice again ... she is "the one who takes care of humanity for millenia". But now Pacifica can replace her: human world shall now be ruled by humans, and then send back Pacifica.
    3.08->3.23 - This part symbolize the return of Pacifica on earth. I first thought to a more stargate like tunnel effect ...
    3.23->end - World walls collapse, humans are freed, and Pacifica returns to its family. Happy end.

    Your feedback is welcome ;).

    Well, i hope you will enjoy the show ;)

    **************** IMPORTANT NOTE ***************/

    Note that if you have speed problem with mp4 version, you can go in the "Output" options of your media player and choose Overlay mixer as decoding algorithm (it will help a bit your CPU), then closing and launch the vid again.

    *** Technical infos ***
    -- Local version:
    Vidéo: h264-2pass (1.4kbps)
    Audio: aac+
    -- Rapidshare version:
    Vidéo: xvid-2pass
    Audio: mp3

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