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  • Member: ReligionX
  • Title: Mai TIme Is Running Out For Otakon
  • Premiered: 2006-05-04
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    • Muse Time is Running Out
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  • Comments: I know I went and did what I wasn't supposed to do, but I didn't really intend to do a remake at all. Though, I was presuaded, probably a little too easily, by my friends to do so. I recieved permission to do a remake, and I won't have it happen again. >< I now know what it is to have a finalized video.

    The video transitions look a lot cleaner throughout the entire video, which I feel is an extremely important change. I changed quite a few of the scenes, though it's 85% the same thing. The video actually builds up to some sort of an ending this time.

    The song is the same, and there's no new special effects; I just reused the same ones.

    The most important thing that I did was zoom in and get rid of the black bar at the bottom, so now the video is in an actual 640x480 resolution instead of a modified 640x440.

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