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  • Member: DirectDK
  • Title: Magnetic North - "So Long" - Naruto Music Video
  • Premiered: 2006-05-15
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    • Magnetic North So Long
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  • Comments: Thank you for your interest in my music video! I hope you decide to download and watch it.

    Some "quick" facts about this video:

    - I wrote the music for this amv. Primarily, my creative endeavors lie in music composition and lyricism. I specialize in hip hop, and actually, a lot of my musical inspiration comes from anime. If you listen to some of my tracks, you'll notice a feeling very similar to Kenshin =P, one of the first series I fell in love with. In this particular song, "So Long", I actually used a piano sample from Naruto, which is part of the reason why I decided to make this amv... to pay tribute to this wonderful anime!

    - The lyrics were written by me and my partner, Theresa Vu. Together, we are a guy/girl hip hop duo called MAGNETIC NORTH. Remember that. =) And after being together for 3 years, we released our debut album in March 2006. The CD includes "So Long", so if you like what you hear, please check out our website:

    - This is the first amv I've ever done using my own music. I have to say, it was really REALLY fun. I feel very attached to this video because of it, so I hope you all like it! If not, I will be heartbroken =P. Hehe. Anyhow, it was cool working with my own music because I know the lyrics inside and out, and since I wrote the beat, I feel like I have a very close connection to how the music and rhythm should be portrayed (at least my vision of it). In fact, I was very nervous making this video, because I had fears it wouldn't live up to what I was striving for.

    - I hope this amv makes you cry! Or at least, close to crying! Especially if you've watched/read the series. I think for those that haven't seen it, you will be confused. But for those that have, I hope you appreciate my efforts.

    Anyhow, enough with my random thoughts. Please enjoy the amv, and please visit our website if you are feeling the music =). Once again, it's:


    PS: Who said hip hop can't be in 3/4 time!? Hehe.

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