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  • Member: EvaFan
  • Studio: Troublesome Productions
  • Title: Bad Luck Concert - Memories Of Love
  • Premiered: 2006-05-14
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  • Song:
    • Promiseland Memories Of Love
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  • Comments: The Idea:
    I'm a big fan of 80's and 90's dance or club music. I've always liked this song cause of its groovy beat and the fact that its not too long or short. Plus the singing to dance/beat parts are evened out. I decided that I wanted to try something that "I THINK" no one has ever done before. I wanted it to make it look like an anime music band was singing the song. Of course the first anime that popped into my mind was Gravitation. This is how the idea hit off.

    The Concept:
    I'll admit that I was originally only going to use gravitation for the WHOLE amv but reconsidered after realizing that it would be boring. After listening to the song a few times I noticed that it could be sectioned easily. After that I decided that I wanted to try my hands at my first multi-anime project. The ones I chose are obviously all my favorites.

    The AMV:
    I couldn't just have Shuichi singing through out most of the amv cause that would be rather boring but I did want to emphasize the fact that it was a concert, so i decided to do video overlays. Whether or not it was a good idea i'll leave it up to you all to decide. All though the parts without Shuichi singing and just dance music were left for my MOST FAVORITE out of em all. You will see...

    Fun Facts:
    1. There was over 1000 seperate clips in the AMV, believe it or not I don't care but there was.
    2. There was over 200 Transitions.
    3. I lost count on the amount of hours I spent lip syncing, but believe me I won't be doing a project like this ever again for that reason.
    4. All the color changing you saw in the video was from my editing and not actual footage.
    5. Started this little project august of 2005... Pretty sad isn't it?

    Video Properties:
    Size: 800x600 pixels with a 6/5 ratio
    FPS: 29.97
    Use VLC Player... PLEASE?! Camon it's free and better then whatever your using anyways.
    VLC Player

    I intended this amv for the sole purpose of making you want to dance to a moderately paced song and all so making it look like Bad Luck was performing a concert. I did my very best on the lip sync and the beat sync, if your not satisfied with either of those two then I donít know how to please you.


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