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  • Member: Looksfordanger
  • Title: Hitomi Why!?
  • Premiered: 2006-05-13
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    • Limp Bizkit Boiler
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  • Comments: This is my 3rd Vid that I have made and I finally moved away from window movie maker, Yes! I am happy with this vid because I was able to make better picture quality compared to my last two vids. I got the idea to use this anime because my best friend lend me his dvd collection of this series. I watched it and loved it . After finishing watching it I had to make an AMV. The song I decided to use was a song I had heard somewhere I don't remember but I do remember I liked it so I decided heck why not. I found alot of clips that mesh well with the flow with the song's tempo and mood. I hope with this vid I will help me to start moving out of the newbie category, but I can alway use help and critism or praise. So please give me your opinions and comments ,Thanks! So I Hope you enjoy.

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