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  • Member: Anime Cowboy
  • Title: Autobot Dare
  • Premiered: 2002-10-14
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    • Transformers the Movie dare
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  • Comments: I can't say i put in 40+ hours in this, for the record I spent more like 10 hours, 4 being ripping the dvd and converting it into indeo clips, then about another 4 hours of actual editing, with about 2 hours of the usual hair pulling on which codec works and why cant realplayer stop dropping this one %$@! frame.

    Anyway, this video is made for the enduring transformer fans out there, and me being one in the ranks made this with the alma-mater soundtrack dare. The major highlights of this video is probably the optimus-prime / megatron fight, and unicron transforming. I spent my first and final editing hours timing those two scenes perfectly, and yes it payed off. The rest of the video though doesn't revolve around those two scenes, the other chunks of the video have there breathtaking moments, but those are defianitly the most memorable.

    Nevertheless, this video had some minor problems that you guys probably won't notice, but I couldn't fix em and thus need to. First off, in the medium quality version, I just could'nt pull off a superb quality divx like most people, i will need to work on that, thus for the perfect quality version (and yes i know its 100+ megabytes), but trust me its worth it, unless you have a 56k then forget about it and take the realplayer version. The main issue is that there are a few "glitches" in and out of some of the transitions, some of them have it, some of them don't, and why, I wish i knew.

    And just for the record, NONE of the lip movements are supposed to be lip-synced, your just imaging it. This is a pure timing/action movie with an upbeat music soundtrack, and if your a transformers fan, then download this NOW!! If your not, you might become one if you decide to give it a shot.

    The actual downloads will not be up till sometime later (very soon)

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