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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Inu's Evolution
  • Premiered: 2006-05-10
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution
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  • Comments: Hey! How it going? anyway for thoses who have been waiting 5 months for a new vid it's here, I got a new editer "Unlead" and I also want to say thanks to my beta tester slackergirl-san for all her help, This is most likly my best IY vid I ever made, if u don't beleive me cheak it out! It took forever to make, getting use to a new program and all, anyway I would be really happy if u plzs watch and leaves OP/QC's. Thanks for all the op's and qc's from last yr. This is also my frist vid that all action. Also b/c this song in Japanese and im still learing for thoses for do know japanses and the words don't matcg the actions, sorry about that LOL, anyway enjoy the vid and leaves OP's and QC's! plzs and thank u! oh and if u get dizzy by falshing lights, than make suer u ether watch with a friend or with some lights on(I don't want anyone hurt) or also if ur going to this yrs Ikasucon I will be there, anyway enjoy! ja-matte!

    oh i had a few pple already tell me that they seen interlace and that i should read the guide& DL AMVapp, just to let u know I already have done that BEFORE i made this(sorry im just getting tired off pple saying i need to do that when Iv already have for almost a yr.)

    Quick Comments For: Inu's Evolution

    2006-08-25 01:20:41 It was cute

    2006-08-08 00:25:28 OMG loved it ~melrose~

    2006-07-12 13:01:41 it has been a LONg time since i have seen an an excellent Inuyasha AMV! Good Work!! 5

    2006-05-11 10:17:36 absolutely...FANTASTIC!!!

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