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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Title: Wildfire Warrior
  • Premiered: 2006-05-07
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    • Train Ordinary
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  • Comments: The first of five (Maybe six?) Frontier character tributes. Why? Because I can, darn it.

    Looking through my music collection, trying to get inspiration for AMVs , I saw this song and suddenly thought 'Takuya!' and that's how it started. luckily I stumbled apon some nice looking Ancient Evolution and Hyper evolution footage off the internet (Althought Pinky75910 may scold me for spoiling myslef, since I have not actually seen those episodes yet XP ). Everything else Pinky gave to me though, and I thank her x100.

    I have two other character videos planned for Frontier, and i have to say that the one I'm currently working on refuses to work as well as this one did. So oput this on a loop 'till the next vid gets here XD

    EDIT: 5/12/06: I changed the name of this video because it had a name extremely simular to another video.

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