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  • Member: Fanatik
  • Studio: Rocket Punch Studio
  • Title: The Nameless Mercenary
  • Premiered: 2006-05-07
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    • Joe Boyd Vigil Arabic
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  • Comments: My second AMV and my first attempt at making one along a story-line.

    Problems: 1. This is much more pixelly than my first AMV... You've been warned.
    2. Made with WMM...

    The AMV Breakdown:
    0:00-1:23 - Part 1: The Nameless Mercenary: Clips from episode 1. This is an introduction of the main character and what she does for a living. The reason behind the title is that in the first episode, Madlax is not formally introduced until somewhere near the end. There is a cameo of Laetitia (sp?) in this part, but she appears in (almost) every episode!

    1:24-2:02 - Part 2: Rivalry: Clips from episodes 3 and 5. This part introduces Limelda and the rivalry that she has with Madlax. There is a cameo of Carrossea in this part. Why? I couldn’t find a really good Limelda clip within that scene… -_-;

    2:03-2:28 - Part 3: Past: Clips from episodes 1 and 5. The final part is Madlax reflecting on her past and the symbols that connect it. (Shameless lip-flap at 2:12... Just to warn you ahead of time.) There is a cameo of Madlax’s father in this part… if I say anymore, I will spoil the series…

    2:29-end - This is a small clip of Madlax reporting back to SSS (Three-Speed) on her latest mission. A good way to end the AMV, don‘t you think?


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