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  • Member: KnX
  • Studio: Perfect Moon Studio
  • Title: Elfen Lied - inside myself
  • Premiered: 2006-05-04
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Remember
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  • Comments: Well this AMV took me too mutch time
    It was a real disaster editing it
    so mutch effects and stuff
    wow They've made my head spin

    So for my review
    Well in this AMV I didn't follow any particular story or anything like that.All I did was just listening to the song for couple of times and then images from Elfen lied started poping up inside my head.
    But the general point is that Lucy had been kicked and smashed from the sociaty
    and thats why she kills them and stuff
    thats only in the beging u know
    then I started to following the lyrics and if u ask me it bacame a pretty good story ^^

    The effects are all made on Affter Effects 6.5 pro
    and the editing program was Vegas 6.0

    So the hardest effects were At the bagining where I put lucy to go incide her eye and also when Lucy breaks' here mask.WOW this thing took hell a lot of time.Ohhh and the fire effect.I must say that fire simulations are really hard to be created in after effects.there are some scatter effects which became really cool and the fire effects became cool too ^_^.Also I loved how lucy looked in a puddle of blood ^^.And all dose masks.Damn this was really hard to creat.

    So know what some of the effects ment.
    There are some only noisy parts.This noise parts are happening inside her head.
    There are some brown parts withe scribble.These parts are happening in the past.

    And thets it ^^

    Hope u like it


    Sensation washes over me
    I can't describe it
    Pain I felt so long ago
    I don't remember
    Tear a hole so I can see
    My devastation
    Feelings from so long ago
    I don't remember

    Holding on, to let them know
    What's given to me
    To hide behind
    The mask this time
    And try to believe

    Blind your eyes to what you see
    You can't embrace it
    Leave it well enough alone
    And don't remember
    Cut your pride and watch it bleed
    You can't deny it
    Pain you know you can't ignor
    I don't remember

    Holding on, to let them know
    What's given to me
    To hide behind
    The mask this time
    And try to believe

    If I can
    To know this will
    Conquer me
    If I can
    Just walk alone
    And try to escape
    Into me

    animes-bg amv contest 2006 - best visual effects
    animes-bg amv contest 2006 - best drama

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