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  • Member: SYCnTIRED
  • Studio: " GarGoo Studios "
  • Title: Destiny or Fate?
  • Premiered: 2006-05-03
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  • Songs:
    • Jade from Sweetbox 1000 Words
    • Staind Right Here
  • Anime:
  • Comments: We all know that there are a lot of Final Fantasy videos out there. I think the reason everybody does is because it's an easy target. Almost anybody can make a FF video. The footage is easy to get and there's a pretty good amount of it. Honestly, I didn't plan on making one because of that reason, but I was bored and wanted to make a video and at the time that was the only one I could do, so I decided to do it. But I told myself that if I did it, it wouldn't just be some scenes to music. I wanted to do a good job and make one that would stand out in my opinion.

    The song wasn't a hard choice. It's one of my favorites so I just got started and let it come together. At first I didn't have a story but as it went on it begin to fit together perfectly. When I got done I had a video that I was truely proud of, and my best to date.

    I'm not really used to making anime music videos. I usually make vids to video games and I only have about 8 so that's probably not saying much to you guys, but it is to me. Who knows, yall might agree. Enjoy.

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