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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: As Charged
  • Premiered: 2006-05-02
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    • Municipal Waste Guilty of Being Tight
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  • Comments: Shin Hats #106 started life as a challenge in the AMV Graveyard competition to make a video with really horrible video quality. When I think of lo-fi, I think of brutal thrash, and I had recently bought Municipal Waste's debut record. And when I thought of Municipal Waste, I realized it also had to be a sick tongue-in-cheek parody, so my source selection was limited to erudite shoujo anime....and since I was seriously on the clock, having to do this in like two days, it had to be one that I had actually seen recently, so Parakiss was off the table and Aishiteruze Baby had no TV clocks in the corner...but Marimite Haru did. That video "lost" the first round of the Graveyard, and is completely different from the video described by this entry.

    Because Fanime wanted a video by the 5th and I was going to Metalfest on the weekend going into that, I also had like two days to do this one, but I had the advantage of already having videographed like 60% of the song, and the accidental advantage that I only ended up having to cut through like 20 minutes total of source. I had intended to just use the chibi omake for the spoken-word intro and the lead-bass bridge, but ended up getting enough source out of these 12 little sub-pieces that I decided to do the whole video from them. It was a tight fit, but I still had a bunch of decent cuts left in the pool by the time this wrapped, and the resulting atrocity is now linked up.

    If you like crossover thrash or like chibis getting brutal, you will like this video. If not, you will probably hate it. This video does not particularly care and will give you the finger either way.

    Effects are basically limited to a lot of speed manipulation. No anime goes as fast as Municipal Waste demands. Lipsynch, though, is all over the fucking place, but I tried to rein in the "cruise control for comedy" aspects as far as I could.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: B. It's a genre video and will lose in competition, but will likely impress people with its deathless determination to not give a shit.
    stats: #clips: 77. average length: 1.49 seconds. total time: 6 hours.

    about the music: Municipal Waste is, depending on who you talk to, either a hardcore band or a thrash metal band from Richmond, Virginia, who play either thrash-infused hardcore or punk-driven metal in the style of D.O.A., D.R.I, and Cryptic Slaughter. Since they kick ass, I like metal more than hardcore, and they had the guy who did Megadeth's best cover paintings do the cover for this one, I'm going with the second classification.

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