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  • Member: Fallen_angel_rina
  • Studio: What The Hell? Studios
  • Title: Our heroes?...
  • Premiered: 2002-10-10
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  • Song:
    • Tenacious D Wonder Boy
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Special thanks to Walker-san of What The Hell? Studios for ripping this movie, and for helping with my probelms throughout!


    Ok, this is the video that almost wasn't. Lemme' explain...

    This started simply enough. A friend suggested the idea, and I started almost immediately. It took about a week and a half to finish in total, and I worked on a couple of other projects with it, so it was just a passing idea which I worked on. Before I knew it, I'd actually finished it! So I tried rendering it... and it didn't work. It froze at 3:34 out of 4:22. I tried again and again to no avail. So it remained scrapped for a week... BUT, it's okay now, thanks to Walker-san, co-founder of What The Hell? Studios. He fixed it and showed me what I did wrong.

    ANYWAY, it's here now. I'm not exactly completely proud of it, but it is done. This is a basic concept video, with the characters playing the roles of the characters in the song. Our cast is:

    Wonderboy - Ataru Moroboshi
    Young Nastyman - Mendou Shutaro
    The Narrator - Onsen Mark
    The Hydra - Baku the piggy (well, actually Tapir...)

    Well, that's about it, since there's not a lot to say about this video. I hope you enjoy my sophomore video, and happy watchings!


    Technical notes: I tried experimenting with voice dubbing here, but i'm not really happy about how it looks, but it's there. Premiere cut off Onsen Mark's mouth on the first part, but the rest of the dubbing is there (unfortunately some mouths are removed, since I still need to figure out the right frame size for rendering >.< ). I'll leave it up to you to how it comes off.

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