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  • Member: juu-chan-
  • Title: Golden Pair
  • Premiered: 2006-04-30
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    • Pokemon TV (america) The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye Song)
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  • Comments: This is a remake of my very first AMV, which was the reason why I started to make AMVs.
    I wanted to watch a Golden Pair AMV with this song, but there wasn't any. So I made one myself ^^;

    The first version was finished on 16th January 2005 and I only used three episodes: 120, 121 and 162.
    (In the Manga episonde 162 would be somewhere at the beginning of the match of episode 120 and 121.)

    Of course it wasn't the greatest AMV ever made, but I still like it and it deserves to be made better. Therefore I remade it and I hope it didn't become worse.

    I didn't change the title, because then I would have had to change the animation at the beginning, too. And in case it isn't clear, the video is from Eiji's point of view ^^

    When I wrote the date on the picture at the end of the video I realized that it was Oishi's birthday. So... Happy birthday, Oishi! I wish you many more happy years together with Eiji ^-^

    Well, have fun! ^^
    I hope you like it ^_^

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