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  • Member: Beowulf
  • Studio: Hype-Odermic Studios
  • Title: Natural Born Killers
  • Premiered: 2002-10-08
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    • NWA Natural Born Killers
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  • Comments: This is my 5th video, and a remake of my first video.

    I consider it very entertaining, fun, and hilarious :P If you like action at all, give this video a try. You might like it :)

    As a technical note, this video was done using the VOB-editing technique pioneered by Absolute Destiny. The video is extremely good looking technically, and that is why the file size is so low.

    I'll include the lyrics because this video is completely skin deep and lyrically based. I did cut the video incredibly short because I doubt anyone wants to listen to rap for 4 minutes 10 seconds, so I cut it down to 2:55, and I think its a better video for it. The music and anime are such a perfect match its funny at times, which is always a nice bonus.

    Special Thanks to Mexican Junior for lending me both Director's Cut DVD's. I wouldn't have made this video without the pretty source.

    Also this video does includes spoilers but please don't let that prevent you from watching it. Kite is a 45 minute movie with nothing but tits, ass, and guns. Mezzo Forte is an hour and a half of tits, ass, guns, and randomly placed hard-core porn. There is not a deep involving storyline going on here folks ;)

    "Natural Born Killaz"

    [Dr. Dre]
    Journey with me
    Into the mind of a maniac
    Doomed to be a killer
    Since I came out the nutsac
    I'm in a murderous mindsate
    With a heart full of terror
    I see the devil in the mirror
    BUCK BUCK, Lights out
    Cause when I get my sawed off
    Niggaz get hauled off [Ice Cube:] haha barrel one
    Touches your motherfuckin flesh [Ice Cube:] barrel two
    Shoots your fuckin heart out your chest
    You see I'm quick to let the hammer go click
    On my Tec-9 so if you try to reck mine
    Fool it's your bad time
    Feel the blast of the chocolate bomber
    Infra red aimed at your head
    Like your name was Sarah Conner
    Decapitatin I ain't hesitatin
    To put you in the funderal home
    With a bullet in your dome
    I'm hot like lava
    You got a problem?
    I got a problem solver
    And his name is revolver
    It's like a deadly game of freeze tag
    I touch you with a 44 mag
    And your frozen inside a boddy bag
    Nobody iller
    Than this graveyard filler
    Cap peeler
    Cause I'm a Natural Born Killa

    [Ice Cube]
    Terror illistrates my era
    Now I cant hang around my momma
    Cause I scare her
    I'm quick to blast motherfucker
    [Dr. Dre:] yeah what's up
    It feels like I'm bustin a nut
    When I open you up
    Cause your body is exposed to the midnight mist
    All you weak motherfuckers give my ring a kiss
    Cause I'm givin dirt naps
    Comin with them bomb ass raps
    To make your lungs collapse
    Perhaps, you never sleep
    Cause evertime you doze
    You catch blows to the motherfuckin nose
    Ain't seen the sun, in 66 days
    Let me count the ways in a fucked up maze
    I never ever ever made a hoe stay
    But I'm down with Dre
    Like AC is down with OJ
    So fuck how your livin
    I'm the unforgivin
    Psycho drivin
    It's authentic
    Don't panic
    I can't stand it
    God Damn it
    So fuck Charlie Manson
    I'll snatch him out of his truck
    Hit 'em with a brick
    And I'm dancin

    [Ice Cube]
    Gi-Gi Gi-Gi Ga-Ga
    They call me Da-Da
    6 million ways to murder
    choose one
    Lose one soul
    Bodies turn cold
    Natural fright from niggaz goin bump in the night

    Should I peely
    Should I kill her
    am my iller
    Then a Natural Born Killa
    [repeats 3x]

    ===Awards Won:===

    Winner Of Best Action At CSUN 2002!
    Winner Of the "Gratuitous Violence" award at Anime Weekend Atlanta 9! ROCK!

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