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  • Member: Wonka
  • Studio: Hype-Odermic Studios
  • Title: NES Project 2003
  • Premiered: 2002-10-08
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    • McVaffe CV2K
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  • Comments: This is my contribution to the 2003 NES (Nintendo) Project. It uses Bastard! and Castlevania 2 footage, an anime and video I felt fit each other rather nicely (just with the sheer amount of monsters, castles and super cool powers that are prevalent in both).

    This doesn't represent my most flashy editing, but I feel it served its purpose as a good opener for the project itself. The main thing this video accomplishes is to show my complete suckedge at playing Castlevania 2.......... dear God do I suck at that game. I mean... really ...... its abismal. Like you get worse just by watching me play it........

    ..... I'm getting off topic.

    A small note: I did try and incorporate just a tad of storyline to the video. About halfway, I show Dark Schnider from Bastard! getting killed. Right after this I show the game over screen, followed by the user choosing to continue, and then showing Schnider's resurrection and ensuing ass kicking.
    Just a small thing, but most people miss it the first go around as it is a pretty short video.

    Anyway, this video debut at Anime Weekend Atlanta, 2003, and was the 1st video to be played in the NES Project .

    Hope you all enjoy it for what it is!

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