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  • Member: Niotex
  • Title: F.E.A.R.
  • Premiered: 2006-04-26
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    • FEAR - Trailer Official Trailer 01
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    -= AWARDS =-
    -Third Place AMV contest Otafest 06
    -Third Place AMV contest Acon 06
    -Best Horror VCA 07

    F.E.A.R. Notes:

    1. History
    - The first idea
    - Evolution
    - Progress
    - Finished

    2. Technical
    - Software used
    - Explanation
    - Source rundown

    3. Remaining
    - Special thanks
    - Releases
    - Random
    Chapter 1: History

    1.1 The First Idea: I first wanted to make an M@d style video but due to my lack of skills I ended up wandering around mid Feb 06. Just thinking and thinking, I came down to a few video idea's under which a Bleach rap video and a HIMM M@D style video which all just ended up dieing. Then as a project I had planned for after one of my con vids this idea stuck to me. It was first going to be very simple and open with just using Elfen Lied and nothing too Extreme... Boy was I wrong...

    1.2 Evolution: As I was working my way through the first few seconds, my idea's of editing it and my methods of editing changed dramatically. As I said before it started off really simple. Then the ideas of masks and pushing my software to its limits caught my eye. I started working out idea's I couldnít dream of doing before. I went from my normal straight clear sync into the low frequency sectors of my audio and based all my cuts and filtering on the human eye and mind. I know this might sound cheesy to some but itís the truth. Soon along with my editing styles my source list started expanding along with my "creative" use of specific stuff like the fps concept and the spawning.

    1.3 Progress: My progress is basically based on the technical part as I learned allot of things during the making. As I said in the Evolution section I adjusted my style and such. But thatís now what I'm talking about here. The progress made while working on the video while working on it went from straight cuts with no motion into eventually full-motioned scanned masks with texture motion filtering into the tinniest detail I could think off... I found myself just keeping going and going into stuff. Which I knew people wouldnít even notice, so at one point I gave up on those scenes and went ahead with the other scenes. Which were still waiting for my mouse stroke....

    Chapter 2: Technical

    2.1 Software used: The fallowing section is pretty neat imo. Because it go's to show what one can pull off with the fallowing tools I guess...

    -2.1.1 Editing:
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0
    Genarts Sapphire 1.2
    Boris CC 3.0
    Particle Illusions 3.0 (Lights in the beginning only)
    Photoshop CS 1.0 (Just to make a Blue pentagram)

    -2.1.2 Preparing/Encoding:
    PCTV (Capture the gun)

    2.2 Explanation: Most people "DONT" believe the fact that all is done internally in Premiere Pro but the fact is it IS all internally. From the colour filtering too the 3d space and masking ALL internally in PP1.0. The thing I want to make clear with this is basically that Premiere can still kick a major amount of ass if you know HOW to use it. I've used allot of the Boris CC 3.0 plugins to do allot of the colouring and filtering but the basic motion and such are all done but the standard PP1.0 filters/key frames and not external in AE/Vegas as someone claimed.

    I will be uploading my project file later on along with some more in-depth into on this part ones I have my site back up and running.

    2.3 Source rundown: As I said I only wanted to use Elfen Lied at first but cause of the limitations that gave me I had to turn too other shows and actually had to be creative of my own.

    0:00/0:12 - Graphics created with 2 colour mates and some of the Boris CC 3.0 and Genarts Sapphire plugins.
    0:12/0:15 - Graphics created with Particle Illusions 3.0
    0:15/0:22 - Texhnolyze
    0:17/0:18 - Elfen Lied
    0:22/0:30 - Elfen Lied
    0:30/0:34 - GITS2
    0:34/0:38 - Appleseed - Elfen lied - Own graphics
    0:38/0:40 - Elfen Lied
    0:40/0:43 - Halo 2 - Appleseed
    0:43/0:45 - Elfen Lied
    0:45/0:46 - GITS 2 - Elfen Lied
    0:46/0:49 - GITS 2
    0:49/0:51 - GITS 2 - Halo 2 - Elfen Lied
    0:51/0:53 - GITS 2
    0:53/0:56 - Premieres black space...
    0:56/1:01 - Elfen Lied

    Chapter 3: Remaining.

    3.1 Special Thanks:
    JCD - Helping me set stuff up here and there and with ofcource the source settings
    Kham - For the plugins and trying to help out (sadly didnít workout)
    All my Beta Whores - Aqua, , Ileia, Nyuu, Pwaffle, Zest and allot of other people whom I have seem to forgotten at this time...
    #AMV - For all my H@X, Loli and !Corn needs
    #amvde - For just being cool

    3.2 Releases:

    The Xvid's - Your standard release wich should work for everybody.
    16:9 Xvid - Released (Local)

    The Special Edition - Directors Comment and some random shiny stuff.
    Special Edition 16:9 Xvid - Released (Direct)

    Zomg H264 Version (Direct)
    Stuff yeah opening and credits...

    3.3 Random:
    Oke I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. I also hope that you donít scare yourself shitless so I donít end up with another pair of mothers bitching at me for no good reason.


    - Nio

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