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  • Member: Warheart
  • Title: Phoenix Rising
  • Premiered: 2006-05-23
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  • Song:
    • Machinae Supremacy Loot, Burn, Rape, Kill, Repeat
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  • Comments: Progress Started: 28.1.
    Progress complete: 9.4
    Time spent: approx. 50 hours
    (source capture, export and compressing excluded)

    Some quotes:

    "Awesome shit as always." - Requiett

    "Excellent editing,as usual" - Silvermoon

    "This vid was a suprising punch in the face and I loved it." - Kisanzi

    "Very slick stuff mistah War, [...]" - Krat

    " that was the fucking coolest macross vid ive seen" - Kham

    Winner: Runner-Up at Acon 2006

    Winner: Best Action at Animethon 2006


    Not much to say about this piece. I got the idea after I watched Macross Zero back in november and searched for a song that's under 3 minutes for the acon contest in Almelo since they only accept entries shorter than 3 minutes. Somewhen around the beginning of january I accidently found a song I downloaded from Machniae Supremacy's site releases but never added to my playlist and well while listening to it I thought hell that's something special, pretty awesome song and ahortly after that I noticed "Hey, it's under 3 mins" and well since the music reminded me of Macross Zero in an instant I just mailed them if I could get a wav and bought the DVDs (only HKs though) and started editing.


    Actually I started my video on the 10.2 after I gathered all my sources. The beginning is fine and it's a very simple plot, since actually there is none, I just wanted to make a atmosphere based instumental amv I guess I made it but somehow it's a bit odd. I didn't give it the flow I wanted, it's basically an experimental since it's not like my usual videos 100% beatsync but more flow and actionsync. I don't know but to me it still looks like someone else made it; it doesn't look like a typical Warheart AMV. If that's a good thing or not is for you to decide.

    Special Thanks to:

    - JCD for help with the contest mpeg2 version

    - rax_kun for helping me with the upload when Kero ignored me

    Have fun watching :P

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