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  • Member: sasuke2468
  • Studio: Village Hidden In the Flames
  • Title: The Geostigma Disease
  • Premiered: 2006-04-21
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  • Song:
    • SpineShank New Disease
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  • Comments: So this is my first amv in about a year to be posted here on I'll have to say allot has happened. First off this video is a Final Fantasy Advent Children amv to a song called New Disease by Spineshank. I made this about 5 months ago. I started it off on my laptop and finished what is turned in here on that laptop... the laptop crashed and Toshiba says there's no hope for it. Yay... I've posted this on You-Tube and gotten allot of great feedback. My friend shinodude told me I should really put this video up. I had him send it to me the other night and I put it through Vegas and virtual dub mod to make the quality nicer. This was my first real attempt with adobe premier and I found I truly don't like the program. lol I much prefer Vegas video. This amv took my about 20 hours to complete and its not the fully finished version i wish i could have made. But I lost not only my laptop but the movie itself, because it was on the laptop. yay again.... Everyone seems to have liked this video very much so i hope that you do too. I'm very happy to say that this'll be the first of many great videos that'll be coming soon. I'm off Windows movie maker and I hope you all keep watching my videos ^_^ I also want to thank Shinodude and lolgregs for their support and i hope you all enjoy the video. Opinions are greatly appreciated!!!

    Programs used for this video were, DVD decrypted, dvd2avi, Adobe premier, Vegas video, and virtual dub mod.



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