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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Yue and Asuna's bright side
  • Premiered: 2006-05-24
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    • The Killers Mr Brightside
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  • Comments: [b]Epitanime 2006 - Amateur AMV contest - 7th ^0^ ! ! ![/b]

    How to save a plain and badly directed tv serie ?
    By getting rid of the original story, and make your own ending !
    Negima is a good example of a "saved at the last moment" production.

    "I'm small, gloomy and boring. No one will ever love me ..."
    "I'm damned, dangerous and sinful. No one must ever love me ..."

    31 girls ... and only 2 really interesting !
    (Well, 3 with Evangeline, but she is a little too sadistic to let her sneak into this amv ^^ ).

    You've though of Nodoka, Konoka, Setsuna or Ayaka ?
    All wrong ! ! I'm talking about Yue and Asuna.

    I won't speak of Asuna. She got my attention because of the reasons anyone who saw the end knows about ...
    I prefer to explain why Yue "hits me", and why dedicate her an (half) amv.

    I love secondary characters, because they aren't as perfect as the main characters. They could disappear at any moment, failing and loosing numberous times. They are far more human to me than any others heroes.
    About Yue, she first appeared as a support character, helping Nodoka to express her (shotacon) feelings towards Negi. Nothing in her manners or appearance would have designed her for a bigger purpose.
    And here came the 16th episode ... and we finally see what Yue really thinks about herself.
    She is gloomy, silent, and sometimes bossy. But not because she thinks highly of her. She's only lacking of self-confidence about social relations (well, her underdevelopped body doesn't help ... ), and refrain any "dangerous" feeling the best she can.
    Alas, a ten years old teacher will slowly but surely break her all-purpose mask.
    Her growing rivality with Nodoka made her shining more and more as the episodes were released. She shown a more adult and platonic, yet more one-sided, love. She knows how low her chances are, and how high the price she will have to pay (loosing her only true friend), but she couldn't help it.

    Yes, you may be small, boring, faceless, impersonnal and plain, you still have the right to love and to be loved. You don't have to be moe (like this "Shinobu light copy" ) to be loveable.

    I know !
    Mr Brightside is a song for men. So some of you will feel awkward seeing Yue and Asuna singing the refrain. But keep in mind it's more a way for me to make them say what they feel, more than making them to sing it.
    I know !
    It's a quite overused song, but I couldn't think a better one to fit these two that perfectly.
    They really shown their most bright side at the end of the serie, and deserved a tribute from myself (woah ... such an honor ... -_- ).

    Anyway, enjoy it the way you feel. :)

    Viewable on youtube :

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